Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to have the #1 ranking in all of the major search engines for their favorite keywords, but optimizing a Web site is a complicated process. LJ Web Services has the experience and knowledge to optimize your Web site to improve your rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Always using ethical practices on all sites we touch, the staff at LJ Web Services has consistently achieved outstanding SEO results for clients across a variety of industries targeting competitive keywords and ranking high on the first page of Google and other search engines. The result of this could mean great increases in your Web site traffic and business leads through your Web site.

Andover OH SEO & Web DesignOur process begins by building your SEO strategy as we help build the foundation for success for your Web site. By helping you identify the right keywords or keyword phrases that fit you site and Web Marketing strategy we create the overarching theme of your site to effectively communicate this theme to Google, both in a broad sense as well on a more specific level with each page we optimize. With extensive research and information regarding the popularity of your keywords and how competitive they are, LJ Web Services will use our SEO expertise to help you find the right mix of keywords for your program. Next, we will work with you on your site and recommend the necessary revisions to increase your chances of gaining an improved Search Engine ranking. After the keywords have been finalized LJ Web Services will begin to address link building & off-site SEO for you site to ensure the proper steps are taken for the best SEO success.

LJ Web Services is the top Website Design, Development & SEO firm in Ashtabula County, Ohio. While SPAM sites and lead generation sites claim to service Ashtabula County towns & villages like Andover, Geneva, Jefferson, Orwell, Roaming Shores, Rock Creek and more, LJ Web Services is your local company with our roots and family here in Northeast Ohio. Contact LJ Web Services today to find out more about the outstanding SEO results that we provide and Web Design options so we can discuss your Website Marketing needs.